TV Training in Vienna

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In TV training, the name says it all: a male sub is transformed into a woman in this game. In almost every case, this involves a visual transformation through clothing and make-up, but in most cases typical female behavior is also added. During TV training, the student learns to move accurately in high heels, to cross their legs in a feminine way when sitting and to speak like a woman.
The meaning and purpose of TV training can be sought in two different areas. It can serve to humiliate a submissive man who normally cannot identify with being a woman at all. However, it is more common for a man to want to live out his feminine side and learn how to get closer to his dream during TV training.

How long does a TV training course last? As the word suggests, TV training is not completed within a single session. It is true that some ladies know how to style a man to look like a woman within minutes (or a few hours). However, this is referred to as sissification rather than TV training, as the latter goes much further. It is not just about wearing certain clothes or being made up by a woman. Rather, TV training should enable the man to style himself like a woman and behave as perfectly as possible like one. In some cases, TV training is taken to extremes, for example when the man is given a specific fitness or nutrition program as homework in order to train himself to have a firm bottom or slim, feminine legs. An essential element of TV training is, of course, how to deal with body hair: in which areas of the body can hair best be removed and how?

What does TV training do for a man? In principle, TV training is suitable for any man who also wants to give space to his feminine side. As mentioned at the beginning, it is not necessarily relevant whether the man is submissive or has a neutral relationship with BDSM.

Before the start of the TV training, it is usually also clarified whether the transformation should only be suitable for at home or for public appearances. In the latter case, there are of course certain differences, as it is well known that TVs appear differently in a swingers club than in a supermarket. However, experienced ladies are good at explaining these differences to a man during TV training and making sure that the "slightly different woman" can move appropriately in any environment.

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