Spanking in Vienna

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Spanking is an English term that originally stood for the chastisement of schoolgirls and schoolboys with the help of canes. Due to a certain change in meaning, however, it is now an activity that is more commonly associated with the German verb „versohlen“ (flat hand meets bottom).

With regard to BDSM games, the rather appropriate term „English“ education has therefore become established. A great variant if someone is to be „punished“ and / or „educated“. But pure sadomasochists also get their money's worth with spanking.

Why is spanking such a big kick? In principle, many people's enthusiasm for spanking is based on two main pillars:
On the one hand, it contributes to better blood flow to the areas of the body that are hit and therefore also intensifies the stimuli that reach them elsewhere. On the other hand, the BDSM players are bound to get their heads spinning when the dominant threatens the submissive with a corresponding round“.

In other words: everyone gets their money's worth with spanking. Confessed vanillas as well as pronounced sadomasochists or Dom-dev fans. Which is why this erotic variant is at home in many more bedrooms than you might think at first glance.

What is important when spanking?

When done correctly, spanking is not fundamentally dangerous - as long as the person spanking knows exactly what they are doing. Otherwise, (long-term) health consequences cannot be completely ruled out.
A first step towards safe spanking is therefore to have a precise knowledge of the human anatomy and to know which areas of the body should not be hit under any circumstances. These include the head and neck, kidneys, joints and spine.

Also important: the right percussion instruments and the right dosage. A bull pike has a completely different effect than paddles or floggers. And these in turn behave differently to canes or riding crops. For this reason, it is essential to start off slowly and with a lot of force so that the parts of the body that are hit can acclimatize. At the same time, when spanking, the active partner can better assess whether the passive partner can really take as many and as hard blows as they claim.

Safe, sane and consensual is once again the top priority.

Spanking as a component of BDSM

Those who are not submissive and / or not masochistic will sometimes wonder what the big kick is in an overly firm spanking or even a slap. This question is absolutely understandable when it comes to hard spanking, because you really do have to have that special feeling to find it erotic.
Then, however, it is often used as a means of education, which often causes excitement and a quick change in behavior, especially with non-devout subs. However, it is better to be gentle than overly harsh so that the submissive part can still enjoy the feeling of power. Pure masochists with a pronounced weakness for pain, on the other hand, do not need a commanding tone when spanking.  
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