Slave Education in Vienna

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Within the (BD)SM sector, slave education is one of the most popular fetishes and types of play, in which the submissive part in particular is often taken to its various limits and beyond. In this context, submissive (often masochistic) men and dominatrices are at the center of the action.

The aim of this is for the slave to learn to fulfill all the wishes of his mistress (or master) without contradiction and unconditionally. It goes without saying that these wishes must not result in physical or psychological harm. A crucial basis for slave education is therefore that both the dominant and the submissive part speak openly and honestly about their desires and taboos.

How this is subsequently structured in detail depends on what both parties want. Dominance and submission as well as sadomasochism and bondage are great playgrounds in which the dominatrix can responsibly let off steam with the slave to her heart's content.

What methods are used to educate slaves? In most cases, a dominant woman, usually a dominatrix, takes over the training of the slave. Accordingly, he represents the counterpart to her. How the slave is trained in detail is discussed individually in advance. The basis for concrete measures is the consideration of what the goal of the education should be. The future slave and mistress also discuss before the start whether another person such as a sub or a maid should be involved in the slave's education. This person will then be inferior to the dominatrix and superior to the slave in terms of power.
If the aim of the slave's education is to become a perfect domestic help, sissification is the means to an end. If the slave wants to learn to control his sex drive or if it is to be fundamentally limited, tease and denial and chastity belts can also come into play.

In general, slave education is associated with a variety of aids for physical punishment. Shackles, masks and blindfolds are just as much a part of the program as striking tools, strap-ons, gags or plugs. This gives the dominatrix the opportunity to help herself to a wide range of accessories and to find the perfect accessory for each individual slave.

What about breaking the will in slave education? Although the term slave upbringing might give this impression, it is by no means about taking away the individuality of the slave apart from the sexual context. Which would be more than questionable in terms of moral and legal principles - especially since a dominatrix certainly does not want to be responsible for the physical and psychological damage of her clients.
However, this restriction does not exclude the possibility that a man learns to transgress certain taboos under supervision during slave training and to feel comfortable with them. The basis for this, however, is that this is part of the agreed program and that the taboos were not fixed, but movable no-gos.

Conclusion: The purpose of slave education is not to break the personality of the submissive part through any kind of violence. Rather, he should be guided through consistency and strict leadership. It goes without saying, however, that the dominatrix's wishes are clearly the focus.

Is slave education a purely male form of play? No, because after all, there are also female slaves. Women are therefore also free to train as slaves. However, this task is then performed by other people rather than dominatrices - and in many cases more emphasis is placed on sex than is the case with slave training for men.

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