Sissification in Vienna

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The term „sissification“ is used in a sexual-erotic context to describe the transformation of a man into a woman. It can, but does not have to, have an impact on everyday life and is in most cases temporary. However, this does not mean that a man cannot experience his sex life largely as a sissy if he so wishes.

The main aspect of sissification is almost always the visual adaptation of the male body to a certain ideal female image. In addition, there are often character changes such as learning certain rules of behavior. Or in other words: Let's play a gender role play!

What makes sissification so exciting? Many men simply find women fascinating. Their gait, their clothes, their behavior – just the overall impression. So why not immerse yourself in a new world and try to emulate a woman's attitude to life? The first stage of sissification is therefore usually about getting as close as possible to the feminine look. A suitable outfit, make-up and a successful hairstyle (usually a wig) are very helpful for this. Conversely, this means that lingerie, outfits, dresses, stockings, high heels and good hair and make-up advice are usually an indispensable basis for the start of sissification. However, there is no need to stop here. Female movement and behavior patterns can also be trained. For men, sexual activity and dominance are often assumed to be "normal" behavior - women, on the other hand, are often much more likely to be seduced and conquered in erotic perception. Which is certainly one of the decisive attractions of sissification.
At the same time, it is often assumed that they tend to be more submissive by nature - a characteristic that many men would also like to live out in the BDSM field. The transformation into a woman is therefore an obvious choice.

What is the purpose of sissification? On the whole, there are two main strands to sissification:
On the one hand, the desire to be able to travel as a woman without being forced to do so.

And on the other hand, the thrill of being forced into the role of a woman through forced sissification and then being used. A game that - as already described - seems to appeal to more submissive men in particular.

However, both options have one thing in common: the behavior of the environment will change either way. After all, you act differently towards a woman than you do towards a man. Which the feminized man will certainly notice quickly.

What forms of expression does sissification use? In the course of sissification, a man not only transforms visually into a woman. At the same time, his usability as a „service provider“ is brought into focus. And this applies equally to sexual and other activities. This can take on exciting forms, especially for men with a submissive self-image.

A prime example is the maid, who not only takes care of the erotic satisfaction of her masters, but also of household chores such as cleaning, cooking or serving food and drinks.
In addition, many people enjoy humiliating and degrading the man during sissification. This can, for example, take the form of turning him into a cheap slut who is then made available for a gangbang evening.
Or perhaps a completely different variant is called for? Why not, after all, this type of play allows a wide variety of variations and combinations with other fetishes


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