Pain Therapy in Vienna

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While the purpose of pain therapy in conventional medicine is to reduce or completely eliminate pain, in a BDSM context the situation is exactly the opposite: Here it is the trigger for more or less intense pleasure pain, although it must not be harmful to health. However, as long as the masochist exposed to pain therapy is not seriously endangered either mentally or physically, it is a literally stimulating pleasure play.

Is everything permitted in pain therapy? Only that which is expressly agreed and to which both the masochistic and sadistic parts agree is permitted. Exceeding clearly defined boundaries makes pain therapy - as is the case with many other types of BDSM - slip out of the legal realm. It is therefore of the utmost importance that all participants clearly state their boundaries and that any changes in this regard are made transparent at all times.

Otherwise, pain therapy appeals to many people simply because of the setting in which it is practiced. As part of „white eroticism“, it is a genuine clinic game and usually takes place in a treatment room in the style of a doctor's surgery or hospital. The gynecological chair, on which the patient can be fixed before the start of pain therapy, is particularly important in terms of the furnishings.

What does pain therapy look like? In principle, it is possible to limit pain therapy to a very specific, tiny area of the body. But why only stimulate a small area when the whole body has many points that can be treated with pleasure?
Especially men who want to experience pain therapy passively will be thrilled by the range of possibilities: Dilators and urethral vibrations are used as well as electrodes, anal plugs, cock rings, needles, infusion solutions and much more.
At the same time, it can be accompanied by various humiliations and, if necessary, punishments, for example if the patient tries to avoid the treatment. In this context, the practice team may also take great pleasure in first restraining the patient and then enjoying their defenselessness. Although this pleasure is best reciprocated in pain therapy.

The most important basic rule in pain therapy? - Safety first

The basis for a successful pain therapy is trust in the active party and genuine competence on their part. For this reason, a visit to a professional dominatrix is a good idea: she has the necessary knowledge and is able to assess the situation correctly and, if in doubt, to stop it. At the same time, she is a trustworthy person with whom a masochist can let himself go wonderfully in the course of pain therapy. The result: pleasurable pain at its finest!
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