Mummifications in Vienna

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Who doesn't first think of the ancient Egyptian empire when it comes to mummification? There, mummifications were used to artfully preserve the body after death and prepare it for the afterlife. For pharaohs in particular, great importance was attached to preparing the body perfectly for this journey. So it's no wonder that excellently preserved mummies are still being discovered today.

Although mummifications were made with great skill and attention at this time, there was comparatively little focus on the erotic aspect. But times and priorities are changing: today, mummifications are no longer associated with death (in sexual terms). Instead, they are used to make people immobile in their own way. Possibly also to hand them over to a dominant partner afterwards, who continues to have his way with them as he pleases.

What are the advantages of mummification as an individual bondage technique? You don't necessarily need mummification to tie up your opponent quickly and effectively. Hand and foot cuffs or ropes also serve their purpose very well in this respect.

However, mummification offers fascinating options that go far beyond this. This is because wrapping the entire body makes it much more immobile than tying up individual parts of the body. In addition, adhesive tapes, stretch film and bandages from medical wound care are a completely different class of material.
Ideally, the result of the mummification can be seen at the end of the process, but until then a lot of attention and careful work is required. The time that passes has an equally relaxing and sensually challenging effect on everyone involved and allows them to drift off into a world of their own. Whereby the drifting off should really only be of a mental nature. Breathing difficulties or cramps should always be dealt with quickly during mummification so that dangerous incidents do not occur. Scissors are therefore always a good accessory.

Mummification of a different kind: how about a vacuum bed? Classic bandaging is not the only popular method of mummification. Vacuum beds are also becoming increasingly popular, as they eliminate the large amount of time and material wastage.

At the same time, they form a great bridge between mummification and latex games. Once the air has been sucked out of the latex sleeve, it is no longer possible to release it yourself. Even small movements of the trapped person are no longer an option. If even the head is trapped, a „straw“ serves as an opportunity to catch air. And if the passive person wants to get out of the mummification, this can be done quickly and easily by opening the valve.

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