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Languages: deutsch, englisch, spanisch, tschechisch, russisch, arabisch


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♛ Exclusive & International ♛ Roleplay specialist ♛ Clinician ♛ Fetish of all kinds ♛ KV/SCAT Queen ♛ LatexModel ♛ Phone/SexChat ♛ Prostate & Lingam massages ♛ Intox NO LIMITS ♛ Floating therapy special ♛

Touchable dominance of the extra class from sensually playful, intuitive and sensitive - to absolutely sadistic and extreme.
I am a noble lady, sometimes cool and unapproachable, sometimes playfully nasty, but always unpredictable. Changeable like a chameleon, I am able to slip into many roles. There are no limits to my imagination.

My talent lies in my experience and my personality. SM is my passion. My dominance and security will bring you to your knees... erotic, bizarre, consistent and merciless.

*International Latex/Dirty GODDess*

*Known from ÖKM, DDI, Irish Independent, Sunday world and the SUN*

*FetishModel from FemDom-Austria Production*

A dominant Mistress, sadistic, bizarre, perverted, vicious, mean, deceitful, ungrateful, sexually obsessed, cool, extravagant, fanatical, capricious, stubborn, exhibitionist, unattainable and yet so close, demanding, without scruples, mysterious, wicked and yet very noble, strict, unyielding....
or quite simply a fiery she-devil!
A lady, racy and beautiful, who has to take nothing and nobody into consideration!
You love her very special charm to captivate, dominate and torment you. She knows about your extraordinary bizarre desires as a gourmet, slave, servant, fetishist and even as a primitive toilet and worm. She knows how to exploit this, FOR HER PLAY, which often goes far beyond your limits. You go along with it, are fully involved and let yourself fall, because you adore her more than anything. Is it already love? I can't answer that.
It is your passion - your passion - to see and make me MISTRESS JESSICA happy!
Experience your passion up close, with me!!!
Beginners will be trained gently and erotically stimulating, also painless, or extremely to very hard, as I find it right. Advanced slaves are trained hard and also mercilessly, if this should be necessary, mercy is a foreign word. I particularly enjoy receiving extreme slaves, as I can live out my flagellant tendencies to the full. Detailed preliminary discussion and clear agreements, but after that there is no turning back!

Bizar doctor, with many years of experience receives patients.
Attractive and passionate bizar doctor Dr. Jessica von Fist welcomes you to her special consultation. Experience the bizarre-erotic game with me. This experienced clinician masters the entire spectrum of white eroticism.
Her special experience in pain therapy/floating therapy and will take you to and beyond your limits. Experience not only here the special KICK and let yourself fall completely. Forget space and time with this extraordinary doctor who looks deep into your soul. She will release you from all suffering.
Your deepest fantasies will become reality. In a detailed preliminary consultation, she will find out everything you need to know to make the therapy a success. Make an appointment for a treatment of superlatives....
Beginners in the clinic area will be gently and erotically stimulated, even painlessly, until they work the way I want them to.
Advanced users will be treated harshly and mercilessly.
After an intensive and perhaps unpleasant examination with catheter and needles, I will treat the patient or test his limits, which I will then expand very sensitively but firmly, just like your butt hole, which will absorb everything up to the fist size.
Live out your most secret fantasies, don't hesitate any longer, you will enjoy it, and not just moan with pleasure when I examine you or hose you down.
Also poppers, nitrous oxide, proc, Cold spray and much more.
My practice hours:

Dominant greetings Dr. Jessica von Fist

My main focus:
Extravagant role-playing games also with personal scenario, clinic, toilet training and more.Scenario, clinic, toilet education (NS, KV, red shower, photos & Clips of my KV & Intox Sessions-nothing for weak stomachs!: ), TV/Adultbabies and much more, talk to me - much is possible. I also offer role-playing games with real Elastrator pincers and battle games. Everything necessary available incl. fuck & milking machine, suck-o-mat, massage gun etc!!!
Also prostate, anal & lingam massages!

I am touchable!!!

Number slaves beware:
I also offer live cashpoint meets!

Would you like to know more about me? Here you will find all useful links including testimonials on various international websites:

My extreme clips:


8 - 20 April: Austria, Vienna

22 - 27 April: Austria, Linz 



I'm giving a CHANCE to a submissive chauffeur with his own car to spend whole day with me for FREE!

Your task is me:
to drive, carry my suitcases and help me unpack.

For that there is also a reward ;-)


***International dominatrix gives a chance to a submissive graphic designer to serve her for free***

Hello, are you a graphic designer and know your way around Photoshop?
I offer you various rewards for a job well done for the purpose of my advertising, texts in the pictures or in the videos etc.
Just looking for someone who does it in top quality, so no beginners please.
If you feel addressed, please contact me with a few photos designed by you to judge whether you would come into question with me.

Dominant greetings Lady Jessica


I also offer telephone education, picture exchange, sex chat, desired photos, desired clips, audios, jerk-off instructions etc..

Calls from AT: 0930 833109 346 (3,643€/1min from a landline)
Calls from CH: 0906 833109 346 (3,50CHF/1min)
Calls from D: 09005 833109 346 (2,99€/1min from a landline)

Here is a small excerpt of what you can expect on the phone:

- SPH-LINE | I laugh at your little cock
- IGNO-LINE | you call and I just ignore you
- LATEX-LINE | I introduce you to my latex wardrobe
- CAVIAR-LINE | I tell you details about my favorite activity
- NATURAL SEKT-LINE | would you like to swallow my champagne?
- CUCKOLD-LINE | I introduce you to my partner Master A. (29cm!)
- WICHS-LINE | you will be milked hard on the phone
- POPPERS-LINE | I will finish you off with poppers etc. SKLAVIN-LINE | I'll tell you details of my real-time slaves
- FEET-LINE | You'll adore my red-painted toes
- CASTRIER-LINE | I'll tell you what I do with limp dicks
- MEDICAL-LINE | Clinic/suspension therapies with Dr. Jessica von Fist
- FINDOM-LINE | You'll finance my luxury and be laughed at for it
- BLASPHEMY - special fetish. The ban on blasphemy must go away

However, I am open to all topics, the kinkier and kinkier, the hornier for me, my imagination knows no bounds!

My cell phone number is not used for long phone calls, you could only request or confirm an appointment, for everything else such as detailed session procedure and your ideas use my hotline number.

Don't ask for photos via Whatsapp, look here first: (my extreme photos&videos golden shower, brown shower, red shower, blasphemy, bi- etc.)

Online/WebCam Education***

Can't you visit me because of distance or you don't trust yourself yet? Maybe you want to tell me your secret fantasies/desires and discuss it extensively? How about kinky SexChat?

I offer SexChat via SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, online education, tasks, audio commands, desire clips, desire photos, WebCam, jerk off instructions, picture exchange, KG storage and much more.

Speak to me, it starts from 2€!

Would you rather chat with me?
Come to my CHATROOM and share all your kinkiest fantasies with me:

Lady Jessica, your virtual mistress.


Join my telegram channel for free, completely discreetly and anonymously - your
cell phone number is not visible to anyone, not even to me! Stay on
up-to date and find out all the latest news, details, travel dates,
offers, free offers, clips and general information about me, just for my fans:
For iPhone users, my channel is only visible via web browser.


*** Slave Vacation ***

I live on Tenerife and there I also offer BDSM vacations.

Slave vacation on Tenerife/Canary Islands almost Corona-free area, where you can still travel and vacation without hesitation these days. Flights to Tenerife fly regularly, everything is open here, bars, restaurants, on the Canary Islands there is the lowest Covid number rate in all of Europe!

Desire or rather the need to live out SM over a longer period of time? Combined with a vacation stay? There are several possibilities. From a slightly bizarre vacation to a strictly controlled 24/7 stay.

I have an exclusive apartment in the south of Tenerife. You can expect everything that makes your heart beat faster.

I offer golden, red and brown showers for the gourmet lover.

Have you always dreamed of measuring yourself with a woman, then let's see which of us is in charge.

Bad men are trained, with preference by me, as ponyboys, because I love riding more than anything, if you do not follow my instructions, you will feel the spurs from the boots.

For the pain erotic I offer ballbusting, how many kicks can your balls withstand, come and undergo a test with Lady Jessica.

I offer many other specialties, come and dare.

Apartment is also bookable without SM vacation.

More details + photos here:


Special offers:

  • I Am Visitable
  • House Calls
  • Hotel Visits
  • Escort Service
  • Meet Couples
  • Film/Photo
  • Massages


Daily from 11:30 to 23:00
Time My spot Your spot
15 Min. 100 € 300 €
30 Min 150 € 300 €
1 Std. 250 € 300 €
2 Std. 450 € 500 €
3 Std. 600 € 600 €
Night 1500 € 1500 €
Calendar Solid Icon 24.10.2022
ID: 10060
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