Nora Marinelli

You pay for Findom at the snap of your fingers!

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*Video instructions, desire clips, telephone education, chat, webcam education, scented panties; various store items*

*Cam, chat, telephone education, desire videos, slave tasks, slave contracts*

Are you tired of paying to all the 0815 "money mistresses"? I am the ultimate rich money diva! I'm filthy rich, arrogant and elegant down to my little toe! No matter how much or little you pay, for me it's always just peanuts that I laugh about! It's up to you whether you're pleased or pitying! I earn more in one day than you do in a few months, pay monkey!

That makes you really horny? That's good! I live in pure luxury, I am pure luxury and you are just a human ATM for me! I train you to get horny at the flick of a finger and to pull the trigger again and again! That's your only raison d'être: to be allowed to pay me again and again! 

The last time 500 euros was enough for me, now it's 1000 euros that you will greed is insatiable! I always want more and more! I don't give a damn if you go broke, worse still it amuses me! A woman like me only wants one thing from you: your money and all your possessions. It's a game for me, a nice little pastime. I ruin existences, I destroy marriages...haha.

What are you waiting for? Come into my dominatrix and fetish webcam right now, buy your very own personalized video, pay my bills, pay tribute and/or follow my video instructions!

What are you waiting for? Become my slave now! Applications ONLY via my website!

Special offers:

  • Hotel Visits
  • Escort Service
  • Meet Couples
  • Film/Photo
  • Outdoor possible
Time My spot Your spot
1 Std. 1500 € 1500 €
2 Std. 2500 € 2500 €
Night 15000 € 15000 €
Calendar Solid Icon 17.05.2024
ID: 1002039
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