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Languages: Deutsch, Englisch

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I have been actively working as a dominatrix in Vienna for several years.
Now I am back!
After a short break I am ready to devote myself to my passion again.
I practice this passion with a lot of commitment and conviction.
As a dominant woman, I enjoy taking the active position in BDSM and casting a spell over my passive play partner.
I love playing for power, submission, being able to "let myself fall",
living out bizarre and dark fantasies, leading, discovering your secrets....
As a classic, approachable and touchable dominatrix, I love to play on all levels.
Close and distant, carrots and sticks, niceties and nastiness, gentleness and sadism.
I playfully combine all this and much more in my sessions.
Opposites attract and I love to polarize!
Call me at:
+43/681/841 247 80

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